Jul 10, 2008

Protect your privacy over the internet

Steganos Internet Trace Destructor is a program that protects your privacy over the internet and makes your surfing experience more pleasant.

Steganos Internet Trace Destructor protects your privacy quickly and securely.At the click of a button you can delete cache, history data,cookies and even lists of the programs used and documents loaded -150 traces will be deleted at the click of a mouse.Important cookie can also be saved from destruction thus ensuring that you always have easy access to your favorite Web pages.

The Internet Trace Destructor helps Windows XP users to control what information is sent to Microsoft.

The Internet Trace Destructor also gets rid of another annoyance: it block tiresome pop-up windows from the "Debbie from the chat room" who wants to lure naive users to her site.

Fake security warnings which also try to get you to go to - frequently dangerous - Web pages are also a thing
of the past.

An additional filter in the Internet Trace Destructor checks your Internet Explorer cache for contents that may not be suitable for young people.

You can thus see if for example, a seemingly harmless Web site carries an advertising banner for another site that may be inappropriate for minors.

With just a click of the mouse you can delete the traces in question - before another person that uses your PC gets the wrong idea.

The progress bar shows how much of work is already done.So if you want,all the traces will be automatically deleted after each Internet session. Or choose shut down computer automatically after the trace destruction.Here are some key features of "Steganos Internet Trace Destructor":

· Deletes 150 Internet and work traces:cookies,history,online exchanges,Google Toolbar
· Now with progress bar
· Includes Steganos Shredder:with data destruction and deep cleaning
· Cover your tracks! With automatic delete options and cookie control.
· Automatically shut downing the computer after the trace destruction.

Limitations:30-days trial


http://www.steganos.com/software/ itd7int.exe


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