Jul 2, 2008

Add any one from Orkut -the cool hacking trick.

Now you can add any one from Orkut a moderator of your community even if he is not your community member...
Thats the reason many people have added Orkut Buyukkokten (Owner of Orkut) as there communities moderator.

All you need is this Java Script :

javascript:a=document.forms[1]; a.action="CommMembers.aspx?cmm=40588034&Action.add
Moderator&memberId=12079364927094249783"; a.submit(); void(0)

How to Use this Script :

First go to the Community you want to add moderator to..(you must be the owner)
Then you need to make changes to the script i have posted above..
First of all copy it to the place where you can edit it easily..
In the script there is a Text : CommMembers.aspx?cmm=40588034
Change the Number at the end of this line with your communities ID..

As for those guys who don't know what community ID is :
Community ID is the number at the End of the Community Profile page URL

Example: In url, http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=40588034p>

40588034 is Community ID!

Then Find this line in the Script : memberId=12079364927094249783
Change the number at the end of this line with the persons UID you want to add moderator.

Orkut User ID is the number at the end of your Profile..
For example in this Profile :
Orkut User ID (UID) is : 12079364927094249783

join my adda- the club hack to get more hacking tips.

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