Jul 2, 2008

Protect ur ip address

Hi frnds...
We all know we r not all safe online, anybody can track out "IP-ADDRESS" & can play games with us.....

Do u know dat by knowing da "IP-ADDRESS" he can operate ur system through "DOS",
so guys,safe-gaurd ur "IP-ADDRESS" surf anonymously..
Dis not only hide ur "IP-ADDRESS" buts acts an Anti-Spyware,Total Net-Shield,protect from Nyms...


How to 'Trace IP- Address'????
Frnds do u want to know how safe ur just click Here ,don't worry frnds nothing will happen it just shows:
My IP address [?]:
IP address country:
IP address state:
IP address city:
IP address latitude:
IP address longitude:
ISP of this IP [?]:
Local Time of this IP country:

After downloading dat software den again click der.... Check it out my urself...

Visit again for new needs!!!!!

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