Jul 7, 2008

Compress drive to save disk space

Its not possible to increase ur memory size but u can compress ur data to save ur disk space, this is available in NTFS drive..

if u have a fat or fat32 drive, u can convert it to ntfs by running a command on dos:
for c drive:
convert c:/fs:ntfs
for d drive:
convert d:/fs:ntfs
for e drive:
convert e:/fs:ntfs
run the command similarly if u have more drive...

Compresing data in NTFS

* open my computer
* select any drive(drive with NTFS format)
* right click and select properties
* click on general tab
* select "compress drive to save disk space"
* Apply and OK

ur data will remain safe.
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MizzRock said...

I did that but then my system started acting up. Like when i restarted the computer after that the color was all messed up and it didnt look like windows xp anymore. I also couldnt run a screen saver. Do you know how to help me?

MizzRock said...
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