Jul 3, 2008

E-Mail Tracker Pro 2007 7.0j

Email analysis tool that tracks Internet emails back to the sender E-Mail Tracker Pro helps identify the true source of emails to help track suspects,verify the sender of a message,trace and report email abusers.The trace analysis reports the sender's IP address,estimated location,network and domain information.E-Mail Tracker Pro also helps uncover misdirection- a technique often used to disguise the sender- to expose the true origins of the email.

A plug-in for Microsoft Outlook will add a button to the Outlook toolbar for one-click e-mail tracing.For all other email programs,the header information may be easily pasted into EMail Tracker Pro for quick analysis.A built-in location of the database tracks emails to a country or region of the world,who look ups provide abuse reporting information.

Using this feature scans every email waiting for delivery and quickly identifies where they originated from and if they are misdirected (a common tactic used by the abusers- to make you think that email is from somewhere else) . This saves you time and effort as it allows you to quickly identify and remove SPAM and infected emails safely before they can do any harm.

Requirements:128Mb memory, 40Mb disk space, 1Ghz processor,Sun Java Runtime Environment(included with E-Mail Tracker Pro) 1.4.2 or Microsoft JVM 1.1.4 build 3810

Limitations:15 days trial Version

http:// download.visualware. com/pub/emt/emt.exe
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