Aug 24, 2008

Setting up Internet connection on Kubuntu Hardy Heron Kde4 Remix

” How will I set up my internet connection on my Hardy Heron Kde4 Remix ?? ” , this was my biggest worry which was stopping me from installing Kubuntu Hardy Heron Kde4 remix on my notebook as I had read that setting up a network was a bit complicated on this platform.

So , I have found a good solution for getting connected to Wireless networks . To connect to a wireless network install Wifi-radar on your system .

To install wifi-radar , write on konsole sudo apt-get install wifi-radar

Once wifi-radar has been installed run it by typing on konsole sudo wifi-radar

Once you open the wifi-radar , it will check about all the available wireless networks and help you to connect with them. Just choose the netowk to connect and press the “connect ” button .

Another thing which you can try for wired networks is dhclient , it comes preinstalled in most of the linux based versions . All you have to do is , goto the konsole and type ‘sudo dhclient‘ and the rest will be handled by the software itself .

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