Aug 27, 2008

How to make linux live cds

Before starting i would like to discuss what a live cd is??

A live cd holds an os that you can use without installing it in your computer..

Alright, this article is for anyone who wants to try out linux, but isn't sure if it's right for them, or if
you've wanted to make a live cd or try a certain distro out, but wasn't sure how. Well have no worry
my friends, blitz is here to help you.

Alright, for this article I'm going to use Slax for my examples. You can get it at Alright so first off, click on whatever one you want, I use just the
Standard Edition. So you can choose if you want to use FTP, HTTP, or a BitTorent to download it. I choose FTP
because it's the fastest (for me at least). Alright, so it's going to download an iso file. What that
is is an "image" file. No, not image as in picture, image as in image file for operating system. So after
you get that done fire up your favorite type of burner, I use nero 8. Your burning program HAS to be able to burn image files, or make
a bootable disc because if it's not a bootable disc then it won't boot when you start it up. Alright, so
burn it and everything is peachy-keen, so then start your computer with your slax cd (or whatever distro you chose) in the cd drive,
and there you go, you've got linux without actually installing it. You can do this same exact thing for
any other flavor of linux live cd's or distro you want.

Also (thanks Folk Theory for saying something), if it doesn't automatically boot up, you have to change your BIOS settings. this is different for each computer, it could be delete, or F2, or something else. You'll have to check your computer manual or it might say when your computer starts up. Then you have to change the order in which it boots up to CD Drive first, instead of hard drive or floppy, or whatever it already has. If you need anymore help with that, refer to your computer manual or search on google for changing your bios settings.

Also, I've found some other good live cd distros.

My favorites:
Damn Small Linux (DSL) ->
Damn Vulnerable Linux (DVL) ->
DVL is a very vulnerable distro, so you can practice your rooting, or practice fixing problems and such
Slax ->

Then also ubuntu distros allow you to test them out before you install them. Soooo
Ubuntu ->
And also you can look at for any other types of Linux.

Well hope you enjoyed my article, and have fun diving into the wonderful world of Linux.
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