Aug 28, 2008

How to get maximum out of an ipod

Well everyone always wonders, "How can I boost my iPod's Volume?"

Well there are program that you can use to do it such as,

1.) goPod - This program uncaps your iPod's max volume level.

2.) euPod - This program also uncaps your iPod's max volume level but can also boost your .mp3 volume a little more using mp3gain.

I however found that those programs do boost your iPod's volume but very little and they reach max volume around half way.

So I have found a way to boost your iPod's volume dramatically

First Step: Download goPod and uncap or unlock your iPod's max volume.

Second Step: This will have your songs play at a peak volume.

For iTunes 7:

1.) Open iTunes, Select Library.

2.) Select ALL songs! (Quick = Ctrl + A)

3.) Right click and select Get Info. (If a window asking if you want to edit multiple items comes up select yes.)

4.) Look at the says, "Volume Adjustment" and has a little slider.

5.) Move the arrow to "+100%"

6.) Hit OK.

Instantly you have boosted your songs volume dramatically
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