Sep 27, 2008

The new virus from microsoft

Microsoft launched new campaign to go against the piracy. Most of the people in the world are using pirated version of Microsoft windows xp.
To overcome this problem of microsoft and to promote the use of original software, microsoft made something like a virus. It turns your computer into black screen for about 1 hour. But don't worry it will do no harm for your system files and your recently saved documents.
This is the bad news for those people who are completely depending upon the pirated version of windows XP professional. But don't worry if you want your computer to work good and reliably then you just have to keep your computer away from internet. Yeap its true, microsoft crawls in to your system via internet without knowing just like a trojan viruses and spywares does. But microsoft's crawling robots much more clever than any other viruses because microsoft have already setup such feature to provide automatic updates.
And the main question is that, how to get rid of this problem? Of course there is always an alternative. Well I am not sure about it, but what do i think is that, you must disable all the features and programs that crawls to microsoft's website or any. Especially windows updates, i think this is one of the way that microsoft can copy the required codes to your computer and make your computer to go crazy.
Don't think that you are safe only by turning off automatic updates, You must go from the pipeline.

Here is how you do it,
Start-> RUN -> Type "gpedit.msc"

->Local Computer Policy
->Computer configuration or User configuration
-> administrative templates
->windows components
-> windows updates
-> now disable all the lists by double clicking it and marking a disable radio button.

also u can use windows validation patch which is easiy available on the net..just google it..
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